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Tkeycoin Core.

Brand new blockchain - Brand new opportunities. Meet the cryptocurrency with the most prosperous characteristics. Incredible 50,000 transactions per second!

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Available for everyone and everywhere.

Tkeycoin will be available for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, MacOS & Web users.

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Security Is the Core.

All kidding aside. There is no better guard for your money. Decentralized Tkeycoin wallets guarantee the safest option.

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Everyone Can Mine.

Tkeycoin mining is available in any country; all you need is an Internet connection. You can either use special equipment or just a normal home PC.

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Technical Documentation

Ideological fundament that will allow Tkeycoin to climb the highest height.

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Road Map

We know how to construct the Babel if we come together as one powerful and effective Tkeycoin community. Here is our long-term plan.

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