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Tkeycoin - ecosystem and cryptocurrency

New single digital currency for all countries of the world. Become the owner of a promising crypto asset on premium ipeo terms.

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Get digital Tkeycoin assets

Tkeycoin digital asset is the tool for those who is not willing to risk the money they have but choose the assets with the high revenue potential

  • Patented innovation

  • The solutions have been
    presented to the 42 countries

  • Technological Advantage

Meet the brand new standard of the blockchain protocol

Patented innovative blockchain platform that will change the image of cryptocurrency.


RDBMS Support

The protocol uses RDBMS PostgreSQL that solves the problem of connection dozens of thousand links to one base. The RDBMS usage provides the system with reliable transactions and replications mechanisms. A business can use different RDBMS: Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, etc.

Modular Blockchain

Modular realization of TKEY protocol allows the creation of new chains with different configurations inside one single network. These properties, due to the logarithmic growth and node distribution, protect the system from the double-spending attacks, egoistic mining and different types of DDos-attacks.

mining algorithms

The protocol allows changing the PoW mining algorithm parameters by switching from SHA-256 cryptographic function to Scrypt, X11, X11 Ghost, etc.

Compression Mode

Innovative and modernized compression mode that saves a significant amount of disk space while using Tkeycoin Core. TKEY software uses 60x less space for full node and 300x less for incomplete node compared to Bitcoin ones.

Tkeycoin Cryptocurrency

Decentralization is one of Tkeycoin's most important advantages in comparison with classic e-money. No organization on the Earth controls decentralized Tkeycoin network

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Any amount, any duration. No blocks.


Anonymously and fast. No control.


Any country, any device. No sanctions.

Tkeycoin Mining

Mining is the mean of getting TKEY cryptocurrency where you partially give your PC power in return. Connect your home PC or a server to the Tkeycoin network.

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New TKEY blockchain core is the massive complex of a digital ecosystem with a multi-level architecture. Program modules are adjusted for different economic spheres, including the state and banking sector. RDBMS provides seamless integration with existing systems while preserving full decentralization with a post-quantum security system.


  • Scalability
  • Post-quantum security system
  • High transaction speed
  • Modular blockchain
  • Full decentralization

“Security methods comply with international requirements, which makes our software solutions more flexible and convenient for mass use.”

TKEY Protocol

“Each of the TKEY subsystems can be adapted to a particular international standard in accordance with the sphere of activity.”

TKEY products

TKEY DMCC products

The main goal of the company is to create universal products that will make financial transactions more accessible, profitable and safe.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

New approach to the blockchain architecture. Fast and reliable cryptocurrency with a possibility of mining using different algorithms.

  • TKEY protocol development

  • RDBMS support

  • Multichain support

  • Patent Acquisition

  • Windows, macOS, Linux wallets

  • Windows, macOS, Linux autominer

  • Cryptocurrency exchange listing

  • Wallet redesign

  • Release of custom programming language

  • Smart-contracts development

  • Second chain testnet launch

  • Decentralized exchange launch inside the wallet

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iOS & Android Mobile Wallet

The most secure multi-currency wallet with the option to pay with cryptocurrency in any shop.

  • Projecting of new modern and easy-to-use design

  • Secure application infrastructure development

  • Adding 4 more cryptocurrencies (TKEY, BTC, ETH, LTC)

  • Data, rates and graphs for 1000 cryptocurrencies

  • Back-end and Front-end integration

  • iOS & Android wallets release (June 2019)


  • Implementation of the exchange gateway between cryptocurrencies

  • Auto payments integration

  • Cryptocurrency convertation into RUB, USD and EURO while paying

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Global Digital Exchange

International online exchange for online cryptocurrency exchanges. Speed, reliability, convenience.

  • Security architecture projecting

  • Projecting of the services interaction

  • Negotiations with the stock exchanges advisers

  • Exchange design development

  • Company registration and licence acquistation

  • Creating of the exchange micro-services

  • The back-end and front-end integration

  • Integration of the exchange modules with the web and mobile wallets

  • Exchange release in the private mode (end of 2019)

  • MVP release

Tkeycoin Exchange

Blockchain Explorer

The service intended for financial and technical analysis of cryptocurrencies.

  • Web-design designing and development

  • TKEY, BTC, ETH, LTC launching

  • Blockchain Explorer release in 2 languages

  • BCH, TRX, XMR, ZEC, DOGE, BNB, USDT integration

  • Cryptocurrency and exchange monitoring service development

  • Adding technical statistics for cryptocurrencies

  • Graphs and rates for 1000 currencies

  • Crypto exchanges statistics integration

  • Crypto to fiat converter

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Multicurrency Web Wallet

Fast and most secure cryptocurrency web wallet on the market.

  • Design engineering and projecting

  • Development of the secure application structure

  • Four cryptocurrencies integration, including TKEY, BTC, ETH, and LTC.

  • Business invoices with a cryptocurrency as a payment method

  • High-security 2048-bit structures adoption

  • Back-end and Front-end integration

  • Web wallet release (July 2019)

  • BCH, TRX, XMR, ZEC, DOGE, BNB, USDT integration

  • Implementation of the exchange gateway between cryptocurrencies

  • Payments acceptance development both in crypto and fiat

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Blockchain on the State Level

TKEY CEOs participated in the regular meeting of the Standing Committee on Economics and Sustainable Development of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) that took place from April 18 to April 21. Company executives presented the report on the importance and prospects for integrated digitalization of the primary governmental institutions and various social and economic spheres.

APA 2019

During the meeting, discussions were held about the prospects of creating and developing a digital environment for a number of key areas of domestic and global markets, and eliminating existing constraints for innovative technological solutions capable of increasing the efficiency of interaction between the actors of various industries and decision makers, both on domestic and international levels.

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Tkey at APA 2019

The discussions were attended by the representatives of the senior management of TKEY group of companies — Pavel Yakimov (the Director of Information Technologies) and Maxim Yakimov. They suggested ways to develop a digital infrastructure that would combat money laundering, and also outlined open investment platforms, security and data exchange systems based on TKEY distributed solutions.

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State Area

Program modules provide state and municipal infrastructures with effective tools for managing and securing data.

Financial Sector

Special gateways for financial and banking spheres allow cheaper and more secure payments with no delays all over the globe.

Corporate Sector

Cost reduction and quality improvement of the business process due to the usage of innovative products for dealing with data and payments.

Exchange Market

Implementation of the reliable money registry for optimizing calculation, infusion liquidity, and improving the transparency of operations.


Usage of the company's digital assets as reliable storage for a different amount of money. Financial management with improved efficiency and security.


Private docker repository for developers. High-quality API interfaces and multi-level integrations with various systems.


Legal documents collection that describes our technologies and our company from the juridical point of view.


Technical Documentation

Ideological fundament that will allow Tkeycoin to climb the highest height.

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Road Map

We know how to construct the Babel if we come together as one powerful and effective Tkeycoin community. Here is our long-term plan.

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