Be a part of big business TKEYCOIN

Invest in tokens today, getting favorable conditions in the marketplace and a constant profit together with the increase in the price of TCD tokens


Make purchases
using cryptocurrency

Through our marketplace, You can exchange cryptocurrency for real goods or services with a cashback service of up to 30%. This is the easiest and most modern way to make purchases using cryptocurrency

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Payments with Tkeycoin

Multi-blockchain Protocol
is created for people

The tkeycoin blockchain Protocol handles + 100,000 transactions per second. The network is encrypted with standard RSA and Atom of Iron Technology. Blockchain can be used in various sectors of economic activity.

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Tkeycoin Route

Exchange of cryptocurrency
for real goods

The international marketplace combining the online shopping around the world. Order clothes, gifts, building materials, real estate, services as easy as you did before.

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payments for Subscription Billing In India

New security standards
for users

Tkeycoin uses anonymous networks to ensure the complete security of all network users. All IP addresses are hidden and your data is encrypted with standard RSA + Aron Atom Technology

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Supercharge your Bank transfers with Smart Collect

The future is near

Users will be able to access a debit card linked to the wallet-tkeycoin. You can pay for meals in cafes, restaurants, make purchases in offline stores and other industries.

Security and anonymity

With RSA and Iron Atom Technology, all financial information about operations is encrypted. Use Touch ID, 3D secure, Face ID to confirm the transaction.

Tkeycoin is compatible with PCI DSS Level 1 for maximum security.

In one hand

The app for Android and IOS, will allow you to manage your finances and purchases in one app.

Invest to tokens TCD

Modern private office

Access and manage payments, Bank cards, virtual accounts, transfers, exchanges, shopping in the marketplace, account and everything else.


We understand that it is important for each user to provide quality services and goods. Therefore, we have implemented verification, store ratings and voting system. Be sure to pay and receive your orders.

Ease of use

We understand that when it comes to payment management, speed and ease of use are important to you. We spend endless hours to make the office more convenient for our customers.

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Choose your vector of movement in
the world the blockchain DAO Tkeycoin


Cryptocurrency Tkeycoin is a promising investment. The currency is used in various fields of activity, thereby diversifying the risks of a collapse in value. Invest today to get new opportunities tomorrow.


Get crypto-currencies without investing in expensive equipment. Users owning from 3,000 coins TCD receive remuneration for the chain building blocks of the entire network Tkeycoin. With the number of coins your abilities grow.


Exchange cryptocurrencies and tokens for real goods and services in the marketplace with a profitable cashback of up to 30%. Change the currency for the usual money on the stock exchange or in tkeycoin-wallet. With Bank cards, use coins anywhere in the world offline.


Reduce your business costs by 45-50%. Keep millions of dollars in your business account. Accept payments from customers/make payments with counterparties/Pay salaries to employees using tkeycoin cryptocurrency.


Add to your investment portfolio tokens and cryptocurrencies Tkeycoin, to accelerate the achievement of their goals. Ultra-reliable income from the demanded digital currency.


Create useful products together with Tkeycoin technology. Access repositories at github, professional APIs and multi-level integration with multiple systems.


Based on our blockchain Protocol, issue tokens for Your business and run ICO even easier and faster.


Complex integration of your artificial intelligence. Complete the tasks through blockchain tkeycoin.

Become one of us, discovering new possibilities of blockchain technologies

The versatile platform of the future is ideal for developers, investors, users, businesses, miners, traders and anyone wishing to join Tkeycoin DAO and the phenomenon of new technology.

Focus on yours while we handle the challenges by developing a platform for you.

Who will solve the code will get 10000

Get TKEYCOIN with bonus + 35%

A more profitable bonus will not be available even on ICO. Hurry up now before the offer's over.

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • E-money (Webmoney,Qiwi,Yandex Money)
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