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ICO distribution, conditions, bonuses and milestones. Application of funds. Hard Cap.


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New Blockchain, New Cryptocurrency.

The platform the world has never seen. The cryptocurrency to change the industry.

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Decentralized, reliable and secure wallets. You are sure to overlook how you’ve held your money before.

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Improved Mining Algorithm.

Universal & Accessible. The process of mining has never been that easy and clear.

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New-day Wallet Security.

Multifactorial protection, Secure ID, Secret Phrases, Payment Password. We’ve taken good care of your savings.

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Road Map.

Everyone needs a plan. Have a look at ours so that you will be truly prepared for the stunning innovations.

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Talented Team.

Only the best, only professionals. We are the team that has chosen the goal to impress and improve people lives.

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“I will be watching the project if these chips work perfectly, then this token will exactly give an excellent profit to all its investors. I will follow and watch.”

Spooknow, Sr. Member

“With such opportunities to use cryptocurrency as a means of payment and payment without any restrictions,I believe the platform is simply doomed to success.Therefore,I think Tkeycoin with such an idea will be able to take a place in the world market, I believe in it and will definitely follow the further development of the platform.”

Seryvolk, Full Member

“ I think this project can be a nice addition in cryptocurrencies market to create a competitive environment as competition will be tough in future once there will be more similar service providers. It will be good for customers to have multiple choices for the service offers.”

nistra, Full Member

“I see this a brilliant idea. new blockchain. technological progress can not be avoided. Good luck . thank you”

PM.coins, Sr. Member

“Now everyone is waiting for the latest beta version to come out and observe the progress and technology of the team.“

ELE.ZYK, Full Member

”This project is packed with great innovative ideas and endless possibilities powered by blockchain technology, i see the concept of it and i must say am fascinated by it all, i think this will surely attract investors looking for great and innovative project.“

Jisatsu, Member

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