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Easy payments all over the world with the touch of Your mobile phone

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Help One touch of the phone with the unlocked screen is enough for payment

Discover a new world of Tkeycoin opportunities

Get unlimited payment options and a number of other benefits that save you time and money in one system.



Users can be assured of personal and financial information. All data is anonymous and transactions are encrypted. With this structure, network members can share data over an encrypted channel within the platform.



No blocking and fraud on the part of third parties and regulators, thanks to the use of p2p-network architecture and principles of decentralization in the full Turing platform.


Available in any applications

Payments online or offline via the mobile app, whether it's dinner at a restaurant, booking at a prestigious hotel, legal and financial services, renting or buying a car, visiting the Spa and much more.


Keep and get benefits

For storing Tkeycoin from 3000 TCD, Owners receive ~81% of the initial Deposit. Modern mining DPOSTOAI, which does not require specialized equipment.

Cryptocurrency Tkeycoin as a secure means of money storage

The decentralized platform of Tkeycoin DAO uses quantum-stable digital signatures and anonymous networks, thanks to which there are no blocking by third parties and regulators.

All assets are protected from hacking, and transactions are encrypted by the encryption system Iron Atom Technology with digital signature RSA-2048, combined with elliptic curves Curve25519, recognized by the us national security Agency.


Iron Atom Technology

The basis of encryption lay down an atom of iron, allowing you to generate millions of lines of binary code every second, creating a secure network. The system identifies the vibrations of atoms and translates them into random numbers and letters. Thanks to quantum entropy, it will be impossible to break into a decentralized system, because the vibrations of iron atoms are chaotic every second.



Click here to see an example of data generation based on the entropy of vibrations of atoms

Tkeycoin on preferential terms

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Buy cryptocurrency Tkeycoin bonus 15%

1000 TCD = 1150 TCD


With growth rates Tkeycoin, and grow Your capabilities

According to statistics of Mangrove Capital Partners, on average, participants of the cryptocurrency market make a profit of 1320% per year.

If we compare the bitcoin (BTC) to the us dollar, the first established new Liberty Standard on October 5, 2009, was equal to 1 309 BTC for 1 USD.
1 BTC could be bought for 0.0007 USD, which gave an increase of more than 10 390 000 times in 2018.

More than half of Finance professionals (59%) believe that by 2021, the capitalization of cryptocurrencies will be more than 1 trillion dollars.


Tkeycoin mining is profitable and does not require specialized equipment.

Owners of cryptocurrency from 3000 Tkeycoin (TCD) receive a permanent reward. The year of production brings 81% of the initial Deposit.

For beginners

Simple exchange of Tkeycoin for another currency

Quick receipt of funds to a Bank card in rubles, dollars or euros, with the help of a quick sale of Tkeycoin (TCD) at the current market rate through international cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is as easy to exchange Tkeycoin for rubles, dollars or euros as in other payment systems. Use specialized online exchangers for automatic currency exchange.

2018 Q4 Preparation and placement Tkeycoin cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance, HitBTC, Exmo, GDAX.

Legal ICO We accept Bank cards and cryptocurrencies for payment - Get bonus 15%

Tkeycoin Dao - decentralized platform

The technology can be applied in payment systems, financial services, economy and in all other industries, including the state and municipal sectors.

More detailed

A new world of opportunities for people and business

Make your life much more comfortable, thanks to the use of solutions based on the technology of Tkeycoin DAO.


One marketplace - millions of goods and services

International Marketplace that combines online stores and services around the world. Buy any goods and services for cryptocurrency Tkeycoin (TCD) on favorable terms for you.


Build business without borders

Reduce your business expenses by 45-50% using a reliable platform of Tkeycoin Payments to accept payments from end customers around the world.


The freelance exchange

Users can act as freelancers and contribute to the development of sellers (business accounts) within the system, receiving payment in cryptocurrency TCD. Business, in turn, receives a large range of services for its development.

Secure purchases around the world in the international Marketplace Tkeycoin with cashback up to 30%.

Expand the boundaries of your business among millions of users, accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

Provide or order services for business, receiving direct benefits from cooperation.

Tkeycoin to pay with a Bank card

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1000 TCD = 1150 TCD


Blockchain for mobile payments

Existing cryptocurrencies have almost no qualities of real money necessary to attract mass consumers.

We are implementing a multi-level blockchain mechanism to support today's mobile payments with cryptocurrency. It is the ease and security is at the core of everything we do.

Read more about the mobile payments market

Mobile payment market

According to analysts of Juniper Research, in 2019 the number of users of mobile wallets in the world will grow to 2.07 billion, and the turnover in such services will be $5.4 trillion. By 2020 - 2021, the turnover of mobile payments, only in the Asian market will increase to $ 47 trillion.


Ideal for mobile payments

Tkeycoin Payments is the most modern and secure way to make transactions in real time. Make instant and secure payments, exchange cryptocurrencies for real goods, services or Fiat money.

Tkeycoin Payments International payment gateway Tkeycoin Dao
  • Conversion

    Tkeycoin (TCD) is converted into the store currency, whether it is USD, RUB, EUR on the Internet and real life.

  • QR and NFC payments

    Pay for any purchases with a QR-code or one touch mobile phone, tablet anywhere in the world.

  • Instant payments

    Tkeycoin Blockchain Protocol provides ultra-fast and secure payments worldwide with almost zero costs worldwide.


Ideal for today's users and businesses.

Tkeycoin DAO offers a clean and modern technology to meet a range of needs: from the corporate market to the public one.

Powerful toolbar

Users have full control over their payments, money transfers and cryptocurrency exchange. Reports and detailed statistics on payments, calculations, exchange of cryptocurrency and much more to solve any financial problems.


Get a complete picture of your expenses made through the payment service, without any effort. We believe that in the future, more and more payments people will make from a mobile phone, and therefore, the practical benefits of such statistics will be more and more.

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Modern technology

Delegate all financial transactions and tasks to blockchain technology Tkeycoin. Multi-level payment processing systems allow to make the process of working with finances simple and secure.

Focus on your own, while we handle the complexities of developing a platform for you.

State-of-the-art cryptographic Tkeycoin blockchain Protocol.

By creating an innovative network, we borrow the best from Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH and other alternative currencies, mixing modern cryptographic concepts and mathematical theories.


Tkeycoin Blockchain Protocol

The basis of the development of technology formed popular scientific research, such as game theory, Claude Shannon's Theory, Alan Turing's Theory, entropy of random numbers, artificial intelligence IBM Watson, its own developed programming language.



The Protocol can process up to 500,000 transactions per second by using a highly advanced circuit tracing mechanism. This will expand the boundaries of application and allow the use of cryptocurrencies in the banking and financial spheres.



To create a quantum-stable digital signature, we have chosen a mixed encryption approach that includes post-quantum cryptography, entropy, and asymmetric cryptography.


Biometric digital signatures

We implement biometric digital signatures to guarantee the identity of the user signing the transaction. Signatures will be used in Android and iOS applications. The signature may include a fingerprint (TouchID) or a diagram of your face (FaceID).


Anonymity of transactions

To ensure security and hide transactions from third parties, the wallet will be able to choose the type of transaction (Anonymous or Public).


Transaction safety

Blockchain Protocol is a complete Turing platform with secure contracts technology, using the encryption system Iron Atom Technology, RSA2048, Curve25519.


AI as protection against fraud

The Tkeycoin DAO network uses a new consensus system-Delegation of proof of ownership of artificial intelligence (DPOSTOAI). Self-learning agents ( Phoenix Tkeycoin ) can explore the process of forming new blocks in the blockchain and analyze the source code. Such assistance will increase the reliability of the network, eliminating the threat of attack 51%, double spending and various frauds from the pools.


Blockchain network protection

Artificial intelligence with a set of conditions is contained on each computer or device. If the software is changed by attackers, then the blockchain network works in normal mode, as agents (programs) check the percentage of true software on all devices of the world.


Eco-friendly for the whole world

Due to the use of DPOSTOAI, there is no need to consume a huge amount of electricity, as it was in Bitcoin.


Trust payment channel

Users can build trust between family, friends, colleagues and business. The payment channel allows you to transfer funds in one click, which are recorded in a separate blockchain.


Easy integration with most systems

We use robust, clean, developer-compatible APIs, plugins and libraries for all major languages and platforms that provide fast integration.



The peculiarity of the Protocol in its flexible modular implementation, thanks to which you can create many protocols depending on the desired functionality. Flexibility creates opportunities for data delegation and improvement of their structure for lightweight clients, allowing easy integration and synchronization with other systems.


Ability to scale

Transactions in the TBP Protocol can be verified and anonymous, which allows to reach a new level of cryptocurrency use at the state and corporate level.


No delay in payments

Given the high bandwidth of the TBP Protocol (Tkeycoin Blockchain Protocol), there are no delays in payment.


Public smart contracts

Each business can create its own smart contract that will meet the needs of users and customers.

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“The stone age did not end because the stones ran out, but because it began a new technology.“

Solutions Tkeycoin best for






Company mission

The philosophy of Tkeycoin DAO is focused on all layers of modern society. We stand for global scaling of the cryptocurrency market and their mass distribution in the economic sphere.

Based on the principles of mutual assistance and cooperation of the whole community, it is possible to achieve ambitious goals that are unrealistic for individual players. Active interaction and joint efforts of the community will allow cryptocurrencies to gain a foothold in the market.

It is the joint efforts that will contribute to the sustainable consolidation of the positions of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology itself in society. Unfortunately, most people are still very little informed about the infrastructure of digital currencies that are being adapted by the market.

The purpose of this project is to create and debug such a balanced ecosystem between cryptocurrencies and society, which is much better meets the needs and needs of its users than paper money.

Our principle is to act on the needs of the community, creating new priority opportunities for it. The wide spread of the global ecosystem of Tkeycoin DAO will provide a revolutionary impetus to the development and expansion of the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Socio-economic application protects the cryptocurrency from constant adjustments of its rate in the market, creating a constant, stable growth of the currency Tkeycoin DAO.

Tkeycoin PHOENIX

The symbol of the coin is taken by the mythological bird Phoenix, symbolizing eternal renewal and immortality. Like the Phoenix, Tkeycoin is involved in the process of rebirth of the global financial system, creating unique tools for the financial market.

The inscription "Littera scripte manet" in Latin means "Written not lost", depicted on the coin. Blockchain allows you to save the entire history of operations, which can be seen even after thousands of years.

Tkey (Turn key)
"Turn the key and reveal the secret of attraction" ©
The DAO is the Way, the basis of everything and the law by which everything happens in the world. From a technical point of view, the DAO is a decentralized organization based on the concept of artificial intelligence.

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Road map

The road map is a long-term plan for the tower of Babel, which we are building together with the entire community, and it is becoming one of our most powerful strongholds.

2018 Q3

The start of a decentralized network Tkeycoin.

2018 Q4

Preparation and placement of cryptocurrency Tkeycoin on bittrex, Poloniex, Binance, HitBTC, Exmo, GDAX exchanges.

2019 Q2

Integration of mobile payments to peer-to-peer platform Tkeycoin

Open the full roadmap

Distribution Of Tkeycoin

Starting from the ICO period and after the public sale.

The ICO period

Start ICO

May 1, 2018 (12:00AM GMT)

Emission TCD on ICO

100,000,000 TCD (0.90 %)

The end of ICO

November 30, 2018 (12:00AM GMT)


1 TCD = 1 USD

We accept payment

ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, BCH, Bank/Credit Card

Team and consultants

+ 5,000,000 TCD (0.05 %)

The period after the ICO

Mining coins

Supernode from 3000 TCD

Available for mining every year

30,000,000 TCD

Mining coins will end

After 365 years and will reach (100 % of the number of coins)
11,055,000,000 TCD

Buy cryptocurrency Tkeycoin with a bonus of 15  %

Buy Tkeycoin at the ICO stage to get more opportunities for mining future coins.

Buy cryptocurrency Tkeycoin bonus +15%

in the early stages, the share of mining reward is much higher.

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  • “The Tkeycoin ICO is ambitious in its reach, well thought out and very technically detailed.“
    Cindy Huynh
  • “Tkeycoin — уникальный проект, отличающийся от своих конкурентов и в принципе не имеющий аналогов на современном рынке.”
    Родион Махов
  • “Tkeycoin DAO is a decentralized global ecosystem meant for civil society, with the goal of facilitating social and economic relations within its network of mutual assistance and solidarity.”
    Bitcoinist Team


  • What will happen if you do not collect the entire amount on the ICO?

    To date, we have collected the necessary amount for the development of the platform and its further promotion. All unsold coins on the ICO will be distributed among future miners. If we can raise $ 80 million, this will allow us to accelerate the process of scaling the platform in international markets, creating favorable conditions for users and investors.

  • What countries can buy Tkeycoin with a Bank debit/credit card?

    Abkhazia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei Darussalam, Bhutan, Vatican city, UK (United Kingdom), Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Israel, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Qatar, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, China, Korea (Republic of Korea), Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Macedonia, Russia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Taiwan, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Philippines, Finland, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Estonia, Japan

  • Where can I see your development team?

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