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Special conditions apply at the time of open registration. Users can register without verification and purchase any amount of TCD.

When registration becomes closed, users who did not have time to register at the time of "open", will be forced to apply for verification. If the user does not match the parameters, the participation in ICO Tkeycoin for it to be closed.

Users will be forced to wait for the placement of the coin on the exchange and buy the coin under the market conditions, and not on preferential ICO Tkeycoin.

The technology is presented on the platform's websites, please follow the link - www.tkeycoin.com Following this link you will find interactive presentations of the Tkeycoin payment instrument, blockchain Protocol and other components of the Tkeycoin DAO platform. The sites are available in 9 languages.

Project documentation is available here: White Paper We are developing together with you and openly share useful information with our esteemed audience.

Everything that is written in White Paper is not just words, it is thinking, vision of the market and life in General.

Cryptocurrency Tkeycoin will be used as a widely available means of payment, having all the properties of a common currency. Users will be able to make payments online and offline in all areas of economic activity. (Shops, cafes, restaurants, state institution, etc.).

Let's say you decide to go to a restaurant, you get an invoice, you take your phone out of your pocket, open a mobile app Tkeycoin, pay with one touch and the invoice is successfully paid.

Read more about payments Tkeycoin - Payments Tkeycoin

That's right, no special equipment is required. The time has come for eco-friendly mining.

For reference: there was no digital Fiat money (cashless) Before, there was only cash. PoW mining, where equipment is required, can be compared to cash. DPOSTOAI can be compared with the digital money.

Each user who owns on his wallet from 3000 TCD can mine coins. To start mining coins, you need to run a personal computer with an Internet connection of 20 Mbps and delegate your coins to the program. Your computer should always be connected to the network and have a dedicated IP address.

Read more in the White Paper (32-33 стр.): White Paper

Of course, we have a legal ICO and we accept RUR, USD, EURO.

Buy Tkeycoin (TCD)

We are not public people and we do not need wide fame. The dark side of publicity-a lot of haters and detractors from all sides. In order for users to have guarantees, we pass verification from independent companies.

Having passed all the verification procedures, starting from the European Bank and ending with ICO trackers, we will publish information on all sites of the platform.

first of all, look at the work of the team, not at its photos. You can draw anything. In the darknet, you can find joint "pools", when scammers offer people to Shine their faces and share the profit of 50/50%. Someone draws a team from his hand, someone buys "dead souls" with passports and draws from them, copy others, take the faces of teachers from universities, in General, do everything to please the audience, who believe in this nonsense.

ПThe problem is not in the standard of ERC-20, but in the mass of projects that make money out of the air at the expense of ICO.

There are tens of thousands of projects created on the basis of ready-made protocols on the market, most of them produce tokens based on Ethereum standard ERC-20, thus have a direct link to the functionality and characteristics of the Protocol that uses the platform Ehtereum.

Market statistics > 87% of Scam projects. A group of swindlers orders from programmers manufacturer code of the token according to the standard ERC-20 (Ethereum). Then he publishes his 10-200 line code on github and positions himself so that he has a basic MVP.

Happy and overwhelmed users send their hard-mined cryptocurrency wallet "scam project". After that, the ICO ends. Masses of Scam projects, tens of thousands of people who lost money.

Wallet Feature

Your Payments

Make payments online or offline using the mobile app. Pay in cafes, bars, restaurants or for goods and services.

Control expenses

Get reports with detailed statistics on mining, payments, calculations, cryptocurrency exchange and many other financial transactions.

mobile app
Encrypted Wallet

Wallet tkeycoin is absolutely anonymous and safe for all users of the network Tkeycoin DAO. All assets are protected against hacking and transactions are encrypted.

Manage your Wallet

Users have full control over their assets, payments, virtual accounts, money transfers and cryptocurrency exchange.

Our Tkeycoin Blockchain

Encryption system.

Secure blockchain Protocol with encryption system Iron Atom Technology, RSA2048, Curve25519 presents a complete Turing platform with secure contracts technology. Blockchain in The tkeycoin network allows for ultra-fast, secure and anonymous transactions, and the technology itself can be used in various sectors of economic activity.

500,000 transactions per second.

The Protocol is capable of processing 500,000 transactions per second, through the use of a highly developed mechanism for tracing circuits and algorithms of artificial intelligence. For example, when the maximum transaction rate is reached throughout the network, the system uses parallel chains of the platform structure, creating interconnected branches of the block structure.

Modular implementation.

The peculiarity of the Protocol in its flexible modular implementation, whereby you can create a variety of protocols depending on the desired functionality. Flexibility creates opportunities to delegate data and improve its structure to lightweight clients, making it easy to integrate and synchronize with other systems.

AI Phoenix Tkeycoin.

Self-learning agents (Phoenix Tkeycoin ) can investigate the formation of new blocks in the blockchain and analyze the source code. Modeling will be determined by a narrower range of possible combinations for each subsequent item. At the current rate of increase in complexity, this can be a great solution for reducing costs. We take an active part in the revolution of interaction between technology and man.

Programming language.

We decided to develop our own programming language that executes several scripts and flexibly integrates with other programming languages. By optimizing the readability of the programming language, you can achieve high-speed processing scenarios. A key feature is that you can write a script to verify that block templates are correct, preventing fraud through transactions.



May 1, 2018 (12:00AM GMT)

Number of coins for sale

100,000,000 TCD (0.90  %)


Nov 30, 2018 (12:00AM GMT)

Сoins exchange rate

1 TCD = 1 USD

Acceptable currencies


Mining coins

Supernode from 3000 TCD

Advisors and Team

+ 5,000,000 TCD (0.05  %)

Available for mining every year

30,000,000 TCD

Coins mining will end

Through 365 years (100  % amount coins)

About Us

Tkeycoin Dao cryptographic decentralized platform built on the mechanism of artificial intelligence, which opens a new world of opportunities for people and business.

Cryptocurrency capable of handling up to 500,000 + transactions per second.

Creating an innovative network, we borrow the best from Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH and other alternative currencies, blending modern cryptographic concepts and mathematical theories. Based on the world experience of IBM, Microsoft and research, we solved 3 Major problems that prevented the scaling of other cryptocurrencies.

The basis of the development of technology lay popular scientific research, such as Game Theory, the Theory of Claude Shannon, Alan Turing Theory, Entropy of random numbers, artificial intelligence IBM Watson, own developed programming language.

Our goal is to make cryptocurrency widely available as a means of payment by investing in it all the properties of the ordinary currency.


Properties of Tkeycoin Dao

Secured User Data

Transactions in the TBP Protocol can be verified and anonymous, which allows you to reach a new level of cryptocurrency use at the state and corporate level.

Internet acquiring

Expand the boundaries of your business, giving your customers new payment opportunities in cryptocurrency. Accept payments worldwide without a checking account and with a low Commission of 1  % for all international payments.

Marketplace of goods and services

Make profitable and safe purchases in verified online stores with cash back up to 30  %. Verified sellers.

Working environment of developers

Create technological solutions, applications and DApps. Access github repositories, professional APIs, and multi-tiered integration with multiple systems.


The road map is the long-term plan of the tower of Babel, which we are building together with the entire community and it becomes one of our most powerful strongholds to lean on.

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