🔔 Take Part in Global Tkeycoin ICO 🔔 Take Part in Global Tkeycoin ICO

Multi-facture Protection of Web & Mobile Wallets.

Decentralization & multifaceted security system make Tkeycoin wallets extremely safe places to keep your money. Forget blocks and hackings - your savings are all yours now.

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Secure ID.

You will get your own Secure ID right after the registration. Only you will know the Secure ID of your account so no one will ever hack into your account.

Payment Password.

Forget to Log Out from a shared computer? Payment Password will keep your account away from any uncontrolled transactions. The system automatically performs logging out actions; your money is staying yours.

2FA Google & Yubikey & SMS+E-mail.

Reliable & secure system, based on two-factor authentification. The technology that has proven itself powerful long ago. You can add even more factors if you still feel unsafe.

Secret phrases.

After you’ve finished the registration process, you will get a list of random phrases. These phrases will allow you to get back into your account in case you’ve forgotten the credentials or lost the access to your SIM-card. For these reasons, please keep your Secret Phrases in the safest way possible. We have also developed an additional level of security for the Secret Phrases. It’s actually impossible to hack them now.

Join Global Tkeycoin ICO

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