🔔 TKEY listing on the exchange 🔔 TKEY listing on the exchange

Everyone around the world can mine Tkeycoin. No matter the residence country.

You can either use your home PC or specialized equipment to mine.

Grow Your Tkeycoins.

All you need is to connect your home PC or a special equipment to the Tkeycoin network. Follow the instructions for mining to get everything right.


Reward for a mined block each 10 minutes


100 Tkeycoins is the reward for each mined block in the first year

mPow Algorithm.

Modular Proof-of-Work with reliable protection from an egoistic mining, double spending, and different types of dDoS attacks.

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What Is Mining?

Mining is the way to get a particular amount of cryptocurrency, giving your PC resources in return.

Learn How to Mine.

Eager to master Tkeycoin mining? Check our guides. It’s free.