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A fast and convenient cryptocurrency that uses own blockchain technology, understandable and approachable for everyone


Tkeycoin can be sent to anyone and exchanged with ease into any local wallet.

Imagine you can transform cryptocurrency into rouble and dollars and purchase goods and services in shops as easy as you do with your credit card.

New accessible currency of the global digital world

Tkeycoin is available for everyone who has a smartphone. Send money in seconds with low fees all over the world.

Universal multicurrency account for fiat and digital currencies

Open a new account in seconds. Convert digital currencies into fiat, top-up your cellphone balance using TKEY, trade currencies on the internal exchange, or rely on the trading bot.

The first release of TkeyPay is scheduled for this Autumn.

Become an exclusive international project investor and get Tkeycoin on the best terms before anybody else

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Coin - TKEY

TKEY is a digital asset for payments that allows exchanging cryptocurrencies into dollars, euros and AEDs.

Blockchain on the State Level

TKEY CEOs participated in the regular meeting of the Standing Committee on Economics and Sustainable Development of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) that took place from April 18 to April 21. Company executives presented the report on the importance and prospects for integrated digitalization of the primary governmental institutions and various social and economic spheres.

APA 2019

During the meeting, discussions were held about the prospects of creating and developing a digital environment for a number of key areas of domestic and global markets, and eliminating existing constraints for innovative technological solutions capable of increasing the efficiency of interaction between the actors of various industries and decision makers, both on domestic and international levels.

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Tkey at APA 2019

The discussions were attended by the representatives of the senior management of TKEY group of companies — Pavel Yakimov (the Director of Information Technologies) and Maxim Yakimov. They suggested ways to develop a digital infrastructure that would combat money laundering, and also outlined open investment platforms, security and data exchange systems based on TKEY distributed solutions.

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State Area

Program modules provide state and municipal infrastructures with effective tools for managing and securing data.

Financial Sector

Special gateways for financial and banking spheres allow cheaper and more secure payments with no delays all over the globe.

Corporate Sector

Cost reduction and quality improvement of the business process due to the usage of innovative products for dealing with data and payments.

Exchange Market

Implementation of the reliable money registry for optimizing calculation, infusion liquidity, and improving the transparency of operations.


Usage of the company's digital assets as reliable storage for a different amount of money. Financial management with improved efficiency and security.


Private docker repository for developers. High-quality API interfaces and multi-level integrations with various systems.


Legal documents collection that describes our technologies and our company from the juridical point of view.


Technical Documentation

Ideological fundament that will allow Tkeycoin to climb the highest height.

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Road Map

We know how to construct the Babel if we come together as one powerful and effective Tkeycoin community. Here is our long-term plan.

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