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The Tkeycoin roadmap is a longterm plan of the tower of babel, which we are building together with our community so it becomes one of the strongest bastions on which you can rely.

We started development of Tkeycoin in October 2017. Our goal, then and now, is to create a simple decentralised method of financial exchanges with minimal commission and from anywhere in the world. We strive to make crypto currency operations accessible and simple, so that the society would be able to benefit form a new quality level of economics.

At the root of the concept of the decentralised platform Tkeycoin lays our research into global societal issues and their effect on economics, we investigated systematic and cyclic processes in global economics.

Those who have been following us from the very beginning of the project have already seen the many updates we published regarding the overall volume of considered and analysed concepts.

At the moment, the project is in its first development phase where we are creating optimal working conditions. After ICO the program will enter the second stage of development. We will be working on complete decentralisation of our network.

In the next 12 months additional work on improved stability, compatibility and improvement of network management. As the TkeyProtocol is developed the applied technologies will become more complex and their interdependence will significantly increase. More extraordinary cryptographic primitives will be implemented.

Our views are radically different form most other ICO projects currently on the market. We are prepared to solve the most difficult of tasks, all while providing millions of people with products they need.

At the moment, a part of our team is working on development of web-applications. We improved the "front-end" and the "back-end" of the future wallets, putting their fundamental functions into the future. The lead architect of the project is working directly with the team of the TkeyProtocol developer, which would be implemented in January 2018.

Financial support of the project is provided by TKEY DMCC company. The funds raised at the ICO stage will accelerate the development and will allow the project to grow to the global level 3-4 times faster. We plan to pay much attention to conducting research in the field of cryptocurrency, constantly attracting more and more talented people to the team.

The Tkeycoin roadmap will be constantly updated, and the work done will be documented on the site, all publications will be announced and linked on social networks.

The Tkeycoin team still has many different ideas in stock that will be implemented in parallel with the ICO to complement the interests of customers and the global community as a whole.

Join us! Do your part in shaping the economy of the future.


As practice has shown, research in the field of cryptocurrency began to rarely draw on the experience of previous discoveries in the field of cryptography and network protocols.

Existing cryptocurrencies do not have the qualities of real money, which are necessary to attract the mass consumer. Therefore, the cryptocurrency share of the market is insignificant compared to conventional currencies.

Cryptocurrencies are mainly used as a means of earning for investors, however, they don't practically do not attract any other part of society. To start using cryptocurrency, one needs to deal with a number of technical issues.

We approach the market from an economic and scientific point of view, borrowing the best of Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH and other alternative currencies, blending modern concepts and drawing on the global experience of IBM, Microsoft and several other companies and the scientific research.

The above analysis in the design and technical documentation proves to us that to build a high-quality Tkeycoin Core architecture, it is necessary to return to the sources of cryptography, peer-to-peer networks and cash protocols.

Historically, it has been proven that many concepts that look perfect on paper would prove to be ineffective in the future. Everything new is well forgotten old.

Turn your attention to the popularity of the two market leaders: Bitcoin and Ethereum. If we conduct a qualitative analysis of these two projects, it can be concluded that their uniqueness is largely in their size. Think about it, both protocols are being tested, analysed and used by millions of developers around the world.

This fact indirectly confirms the high efficiency of most of the solutions provided by these two cryptocurrencies. That is why we decided to carefully analyse the advantages of BTC and ETH, to test their symbiosis in practice in order to find truly perfect and innovative solutions.

Stage: Perpetually active.

Protocol- TkeyProtocol

To expand the use of cryptocurrency, it is necessary to eliminate the low bandwidth of the protocol, which does not allow cryptocurrency and tokens to compete with centralised payment systems (such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express), which makes the use of digital currencies to a minimum due to the inability to use in banking and financial sector.

However, processing millions of transactions simultaneously involves a huge consumption of computing power and network resources. To solve this problem, we decided to pay great attention to the system as a whole and include in the development of the principles of separation of duties and the concept of side chains.

TkeyProtocol is a multi-block architecture of the core with a flexible system of updates, which is simultaneously maintaining complete decentralisation and quantum stability.

The main feature of TkeyProtocol is its flexible modular implementation, due to which one can create a multitude of protocols depending on the required functionality. This flexibility makes it possible to delegate data and improve its structure, making it easy to integrate and synchronise with other systems.

The principle of separation of duties involves the allocation of roles and responsibilities, in which the object can not violate a critical organisational processes. This is especially important when it comes to unqualified actions or the actions of intruders.

The modular implementation will allow to get the transaction rate in the amount of N + ∞ depending on the network load. These properties protect the network from high load due to logarithmic growth and node distribution, ensuring interchangeability of assets with a given intensity.

The TkeyProtocol includes registries for processing certain tasks, which makes it possible to achieve division into levels and makes the platform flexible as a whole. In the future, the properties listed above will ensure the correct operation of smart contracts.

To protect the network, we use Modular Proof-of-Work with mathematically proven efficiency. A group of talented specialists is engaged in its development. Innovations of mPoW eliminate the problem of selfish mining, hard disk load, increased power consumption and system scalability.

Stage: Active development.

Modular Proof-of-Work

Approaches that use proof of share in a pure form are subject to serious security threats that cannot be replicated in currencies that use proof of work (including Bitcoin). These problems are intrinsic to the PoS algorithms, since the agreement on the basis of share confirmation is not strengthened in the physical world. Unlike PoW, approval based on a share confirmation is not objective.

New users cannot accurately determine the state of the PoS system based solely on the protocol rules and data received from the nodes of the system. In order to eliminate the possibility of long forks of the blockchain, the PoS system must be weakly subjective, complementing the rules of the protocol with the security that is provided socially. The social component of systems that use confirmation of share weakens their decentraliыation and mathematical validity.

Our analysis mathematically proves the effectiveness of the PoW protocols against other alternatives. So, it is necessary to eliminate the existing problems of this protocol in order to obtain an effective and reliable solution.

Creating a reliable means of storage and financial instrument, our developers took into account the important fact that for the payment system there should be no concept of “high cost of error”.

mPoW is a modular Proof-of-Work, reliably protected from double-spending attacks, self-mining and various dDos-attacks.

Due to the modular implementation of the TkeyProtocol, and significant changes in the architecture of the blockchain, which we are used to seeing today, we have achieved high results. Repeated testing mPoW showed us the following the key properties:

  • Quantum stability;
  • Scalability;
  • Complete decentralization;
  • Absence of attack 51%;
  • Lack of double expense;
  • Low power consumption.

The type of hacker attacks, known as “double expense”, requires concentration in one hand of more than half of the entire cryptocurrency. However, when using mPoW, this attack becomes impossible due to the architecture of the protocol and the solution presented in Section 8 of the project and technical documentation.

Any network member in any country can start mining Tkeycoin. Due to the modular distribution of resources throughout the network, we have achieved the absence of selfish mining. The network uses minimal resources and does not require powerful data mining equipment and can handle high transaction throughput. For mining, you can use both a home computer and specialised equipment

We are currently working on upgrading the protocol. Our work concerns such issues as the miner reward, block formation time, block size.

Before launching the network, we will publish manuals and additional training materials, which will help users to easily figure out how to start the mining process on a home computer or specialized equipment.

Material available here: https://tkeycoin.com/en/getstarted/guides/index.html

Stage: Active development.

Web applications

To make the market understandable and accessible, it is advisable to start with the user convenience. Tkeycoin is created for modern active business people. The users will be able to manage their accounts and web-wallets, as well as use all the functions and services of the platform, not only from desktop computers, but also from mobile devices.

Market analysis shows that most often the owners of a particular cryptocurrency have to use third-party applications and web-wallets. This trend has great risks for a healthy community of any cryptocurrency.

With this in mind, we decided to immediately start with the convenience of our customers and, in addition, to issuing cryptographic wallets for PCs, to release a full-fledged web-wallet and mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Presently, our experts are working to improve the front-end and back-end of future wallets, laying the fundamental functions for the future. Decentralisation and multi-factor protection will make Tkeycoin wallets the safest place to keep users' funds. The user can forget about hacking and blocking- your funds now belong only to you.

The unprecedented level of security of the Tkeycoin system allows you to use it not only for the safe processing of payments, but also for the safe storage of money, documents and any other information.

A mixed encryption system based on the principles of computational complexity, with deterministic generation of signatures using elliptic curves, will ensure absolute safety and security of users' funds.

To protect the network, we use high-speed, highly reliable Ed25519 signatures. Signatures Ed25519 are elliptic curve signals, carefully designed at several levels of architecture and implementation to achieve very high speeds without compromising security.

The SafeCurves website provides safety assessments for various specific curves. “Safe” in the following table means that the curve satisfies all SafeCurves requirements. See the description of Curve25519 in the table: http://safecurves.cr.yp.to/

The work presented on the SafeCurves website was supported by the US National Science Foundation under grant 1018836 and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) under grant 639.073.005.

Stage: Active development.


Most of the cryptocurrency is struggling with the optimisation of disk space, the full Bitcoin Core node currently occupies more than 150 Gb and is constantly increasing in volume. The Ethereum blockchain has already reached colossal size and occupies 1 TB.

Most of the cryptocurrency is struggling with the optimisation of disk space, the full Bitcoin Core node currently occupies more than 150 Gb and is constantly increasing in volume. The Ethereum blockchain has already reached colossal size and occupies 1 TB.

Such a policy is unacceptable for the worldwide means of payment. If one is to create an accessible currency for all citizens, then it must be taken into account that even a user from the most unfavourable location must use the full node without using SSD.

Implementing storage optimisation will significantly reduce the disk space required to store the full node on the user's PC. Efficient and effective storage can significantly improve the performance of network operations and blockchain synchronisation. Due to the use of a modular implementation in the TkeyProtocol, our specialists will be able to achieve minimum disk space usage and disk wear.

We are presently working on further developing optimisation method for the full node. Updates will take place through Soft fork.

Stage: Early stage of development.

Update system

Technologies, user needs and state standards are in a state of constant change.

Our experts researched various areas of cryptocurrency. In order to implement a platform that will develop on a global level, the platform needs to find points of contact between government regulation, business and society. We understand that it is impossible to achieve 100% of this, but it is possible to create favourable conditions advantageous to all parties.

The task of specialists is to create a system of updates that will allow making changes to the platform throughout the entire time. Could Microsoft and IBM products be updated? Consequently, the platform that was created for society and the management of financial assets should have such an capability.

Unless a public consensus is reached in time, fragmentation of the protocol and split in the community will be inevitable. cryptocurrency should address the problem of confidentiality, stability of data and security of users' assets, while creating a favourable environment for improving the standard of living of all network participants.

Newer software versions will contribute to improved performance, which improves and speeds up work on the same device by optimising multithreading and the usage of multiple processors. additionally, each new software version has a higher functionality

For example, based on updates, you can implement privacy control so that the user themselves, not third parties or intermediaries, can control their personal data or in the future, when quantum technologies become common, an update of the blockchain protocol of the Tkeycoin network will be released.

Competently constructed systems of updates allow to introduce various types of functionality into the platform, which covers any kinds of market and user needs.

Stage: : Architecture Design, Initial Development.


The platform will open the doors for developers, who in turn can create technological solutions, applications and DApps. An open source work environment will be created for all users.

Integration with the Tkeycoin platform will be as easy as with documented SDKs and plugins for all major platforms and languages. Our experts prepare API for web-wallets, applications, Internet-acquiring and the protocol itself. The company's plans include the introduction of an API based on the popular REST API standard, which is an architectural style of interaction of components of a distributed application in a network.

Tkeycoin developers are working on introducing a number of new solutions and plug-ins into the system's architecture, allowing it to quickly integrate with any economic factors, the state and the corporate markets, and any payment systems. The important point is that integration into an already existing infrastructure occurs while maintaining the decentralisation of the Tkeycoin system, where all its internal and external operations remain anonymous and verified at the same time.

Stage: Analysis.

Development Centre and Science Centre

We are a developing team with long-term plans and big ambitions. Our company is focused on both remote and offline work with other programmers around the world.

TKEY DMCC plans to launch an online educational platform for programmers. The goal is to create a world-wide community of developers and businesses that are interested in using Tkeycoin and technology related to it.

The future development of the training centre is aimed at improving the public's understanding of the blockchain technology and solving the problem of a shortage of qualified specialists in this industry.

In turn, the opening of a research centre for research in the field of cryptography and peer-to-peer networks will contribute to the accelerated development of the Tkeycoin network.

Stage: Planning.

Banking solutions

In 2019, the Tkeycoin system will be equipped with the most modern tools for direct independent international interbank transfers that do not require the involvement of intermediaries, which allows the use of the project's technologies to create an effective alternative to the notorious SWIFT.

The bandwidth of the TkeyProtocol will expand the boundaries of the application of technology in the banking and financial sectors.

Tkeycoin Finance - solutions for the banking sector. The banks would be able to connect instant cross-platform payments using end-to-end tracking. Using Tfinance, banks send information to each other in real time to confirm payment details prior to the commencement of a transaction and confirm delivery after the fact.

Tkeycoin Banking- for corporations, payment providers and banks. Sending payments while saving information and payment data through various networks using standard interfaces. The solution allows users around the world to make payments without delay.

In the process of the making of the project, functional capabilities will be introduced for the performance of an infinite number of tasks, both in the lives of millions of ordinary people and in the real sector of the economy. Tkeycoin's unique technologies are ideal for organising domestic and cross-border financial transactions, making them many times faster, cheaper and safer than traditional ones.

Stage: Analysis of existing systems and planning.

Independent channels

The lack of hubs and intermediaries completely eliminates systemic risks that a user may experience due to other network participants, minimises the amount of commission for transactions.

Given that the platform is developed on the principles of self-management and concepts of peer-to-peer networks, it would be wise to provide users and business representatives with the opportunity to choose between using the platform in a completely anonymous or verified mode.

The ability to choose the type of anonymous or public transaction allows counter-parties to ensure its maximum privacy, confidentiality of personal data, or vice versa, to make information available for verification by third parties.

Tkeycoin users are provided with the opportunity to build direct secure payment channels with trusted individuals (relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.) and transfer funds through them with one click.

In the future, an encrypted system will be created for storing and incorporating data into a transaction at the user's own liberty.

Stage: Analysis and planning.

Mobile payments

For Android and iOS, special software applications will be combined with powerful tools based on Tkeycoin technologies, with which you can use secure payments, exchange cryptocurrencies for goods, services, money.

We are planning to introduce contactless payment by a smartphone using a QR code or a bar code via an NFC chip. At any time, the application is ready to provide the owner of the mobile device a detailed report on the completed operations.

The gateway accepts currency deposits from users and issues balances to the distributed Tkeycoin registry. In addition, the remainders in the resister could be bought though the gateway, which is kept when the currency is withdrawn. In practice, gateways are like banks, but they are united by one global register.

Tkeycoin cryptocurrency payments for goods and services in real life or online will be realised by converting Tkeycoin into the store's currency through an exchange or a bank.

According to the forecasts of reputable experts from the analytical company Juniper Research, the turnover of mobile payments in the Asian market will increase to 47 trillion dollars and Tkeycoin plans to take its place on it.

Stage: Analysis and planning.

Exchange point

The introduction of the exchange mechanics into web-wallets and the application to allow users to send money in one currency, and the recipients to receive them in another currency. For instance, a user can buy Tkeycoin for Dollars and exchange it for Euro or Bitcoin, Ethereum at the current rate.

This functionality provides complete control of funds through one trusted and secure source. Users no longer need to create multiple accounts on third-party resources in order to exchange currency.

With the development of the network, it will be possible to introduce a multi-exchanger, which works on the principle of a payment bridge, when the user sends funds to Tkeycoin, and the recipient selects the delivered currency, say Litecoin, the funds are automatically converted.

Stage: Analysis of existing systems and planning.

Marketplace for sellers

We are building a productive economy around Tkeycoin, creating a circulation of use of goods and services both locally and globally. The international marketplace will bring together thousands of vendors and manufacturers around the world. Tkeycoin network members will be able to use TCD cryptocurrency as a means of exchange and accumulation.

Stage: Planning.

Business solutions

For the development of a sustainable economy and the introduction of technology to the masses, we are developing various solutions for building a corporate market.

Upon completion of the development of the Tkeycoin platform for corporate clients, Internet acquiring will be available for accepting payments though the website.

Tkeycoin Payments Blockchain Gateway with a simple API for easily connecting business and customers. The platform directly integrates with any type of business, providing corporate clients with the most up-to-date transaction method.

Organisations and individual entrepreneurs who have connected Tkeycoin Payments will be able to accept payments in cryptocurrency around the world, giving their customers new payment options. Tkeycoin Payments is the ideal choice for a flexible financial life regardless of the type of business, income or location.

The connection for a business is free of charge and without a current account, which significantly reduces the time required to connect to the platform and makes it as accessible as possible.

Stage: Planning, analysis of existing systems.

TkeyProtocol templates

We do not exclude the need for a corporate market in private networks to perform various internal tasks; therefore, so it is viable to create ready-made solutions that will improve the usability Tkeycoin technology in various fields.

In order to create and deploy a corporate network blockchain, it will be possible to use the open source TkeyProtocol templates.

The use of TkeyProtocol templates eliminates the need to manually configure the blockchain network, allowing to focus instead on application development.

The templates deploy the selected blockchain platform as containers in a Tkeycoin Service Container (TSC) cluster. You can fine-tune the permissions to restrict TSC cluster access to certain resources.

Open source code will allow the use TkeyProtocol templates for free, while ready-made solutions for specific tasks based on individual elements of the system at minimal cost could be obtained.

Tkeycoin platform templates support distributed consensus-building algorithms, as well as the functionality of smart contracts and access control.

Stage: Analysis and planning.


Exclusive developments with technical justification will be disclosed after the transition of the network into operating mode.

The company TKEY DMCC will publish an open source code to the Internet resource GitHub - https://github.com/tkeycoin-dao

Overall, we adhere to the concept of "Open Source". The availability of the source code will make the solutions manageable for users. Since it ensures the possibility of support and development of solutions by third-party developers and integrators. The efficiency and correctness of the operation of Open Source products is tested by millions from all over the world, enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Open source and free licenses can be used in all areas of social and business life. The concept of Tkeycoin is aimed not only at programmers, but also at the society at large. And, above all, to the part for which freedom of choice and decision-making are important factors in everyday life.

If you have any suggestions or would like to participate and help the project, please send your request to [email protected].

ЕIf you would like to become a part of our team, please fill out the form on the website.

Join us! Do your part in shaping the economy of the future.