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We develop the best blockchain solution ever existed. We create the next generation of cryptocurrencies you've seen so far.

We started working on Tkeycoin in October 2017. Simple decentralized way to exchange money with the lowest cost all around the world. That's always been our goal, and it will remain the same. We want to make cryptocurrencies understandable and available to everyone.


  • 100+ mass media mentions
  • $12M investment attracted
  • $1M investments in scientific researches
  • Scalability issue solved

Our Team

We are engineers, mathematicians, enthusiasts, and dreamers. Prospective conceptions and valuable experiences of world leaders - that is what our specialists are seeking day by day. We always hold our hands on the pulse. Join Tkeycoin team, and make a contribution to the brand new network, that millions of people will use.

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