We strive to make transactions with cryptocurrencies public and simple, whereby society will be able to move to a new level of the quality economy.

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We are a forward-going team with the long-term plans and space-huge ambitions. Our offices are located in Moscow and Dubai. Our team is the combination of the best talents from various parts of the world. Together we create the next great company that will bring next great technologies to the market.


We favor the global scale of the cryptomarket and massive spread of cryptocurrencies to the economic sphere. We are driven by a big idea and new technologies. We want to attract the attention of a wide audience and scale the project at the international level, joining the project of world researchers, developers, millions of users and thousands of companies.


Not only are we trying to climb the top of the sphere but also to hold the lead for many years to come. With that idea, we wake up in the morning, and we’d like to share this idea with you.

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