New opportunities for everyone.

Dubai, 2018.

“Not only are we trying to climb the top of the sphere but also to hold the lead for many years to come. We come to work every day with that idea in out heads and we’d like to share it with you.”

- Yakimov Brothers
Our goals

“Make financial transactions as profitable, accessible, and simple as possible.”

The main challenge of digital financial business is to create a single ecosystem where money work for you, without restrictions from third parties and financial institutions. People deserve a better service compared to traditional online channels and cash transactions.


We create since 2017th.

We are a forward-going team with long-term plans and space-huge ambitions. Our team is a combination of the best talents from various parts of the world. Together we create the next great company that will bring next great technologies to the market.

Frequently asked questions

I like your idea and I want to get on your team, what do I need for this?

Please contact us via email at [email protected]. We will review your resume and contact you within 2 weeks.

We have a great product, how can we start working together?

Please contact us via email at [email protected]. The company's management will review your offer and contact you within 2 weeks.

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