Create individual networks

nchanis tkeycoin

Innovative nchains technology

Multi-component nchains architecture with the ability to create an unlimited number of blockchains to increase productivity and intelligent configuration for various tasks of business and individuals.

  • High throughput capacity.
  • Scalability.
  • Flexible configuration of functionality.
High throughput capacity
  • The creation of a separate cross-chains for instantaneous exchange of assets.
  • Additional chains for maximum data processing.
  • The creation an unlimited number of chains for different types of tasks.
  • The choice of consensus for different chains.
Full sovereignty
  • Anonymous transactions in separate chains.
  • Each chain stores only its own data.
  • Built-in inter-chain communication functions.
Advanced security
  • The power of the main network is used to provide an additional layer of security for other circuits.
  • Additional verification of blocks of N-chains through the main chain.
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