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Multi-blockchain-tkeycoin solves complex financial problems for you

Delegate all financial operations and tasks of ultramodern blockchain technology Tkeycoin. Multi-tiered systems of payment processing allow you to make the process of working with finances simple and secure.

Security technology smart contracts, processes the underlying data in the contract, whereby they remain encrypted at any time. Blockchain in our network Tkeycoin DAO allows you to carry out fast, safe and anonymous transactions, and the technology itself can be used in various sectors of economic activity

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Discover the world of blockchain on the other hand, thanks to us..

Expand the boundaries of blockchain technologies using our multi-platform blockchain-tkeycoin. Create new developments based on open source code, extract cryptocurrency Tkeycoin without spending money on equipment, buy goods or services in the marketplace, exchange cryptocurrency on the stock exchange, conduct ICO based on our blockchain, connect your business and scale it at a quantum speed.

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International Marketplace c unified interface for all network Users Tkeycoin DAO, which combines Internet stores worldwide.

Merchant for business

International processing with a low Commission — 1%. Make safe and tax-free transactions for your business without a current account.

ICO for business

Based on our blockchain Protocol, tokens for Your business and ICO can be issued, through The tkeycoin DAO platform, where all network users will see your offer.
Its blockchain Protocol allows us to work wonders that are incomprehensible in other protocols. The possibilities are endless.
The team is Holding BR

Become one of us, discovering new possibilities of blockchain technologies

The versatile platform of the future is ideal for developers, investors, users, businesses, miners, traders and anyone wishing to join Tkeycoin DAO and the phenomenon of new technology.

Focus on yours while we handle the challenges developing a platform for you.

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Developers can develop smart contract security modules, businesses can connect their users and use them for real payments.


Tkeycoin technology creates the possibility of making any transactions with multiple assets based on blockchain technology. With complex smart contracts, the technology can be applied in a variety of financial and non-financial fields.


Mining coins coins Tkeycoin (TCD) with the help of technology Time-Proof-of-stake (TPoS), which replaces the already familiar to us through the extraction of power. Users owning from 1,000 coins TCD receive remuneration for the chain building blocks of the entire network Tkeycoin.

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A more profitable bonus will not be available even on ICO. Hurry up now before the offer's over.

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • E-money (Webmoney,Qiwi,Yandex Money)
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